Men Arrested For Drug Charges Following Steuben County Traffic Stop
Wednesday, February 1, 2023

STEUBEN COUNY, IN – Indiana State Police say that two men are now facing multiple charges after a traffic stop yielded a large amount of marijuana.

Authorities say driver and passenger had also been drinking before being stopped in Steuben County.

ISP investigators say the vehicle was on its way from California and had a large amount of marijuana in the spare tire.

Things began to unfold when Toll Road Post Trooper Casey Davis conducted a traffic stop with a 2020 Mercedes SUV for an unsafe lane movement on I-80 near the 140 mile marker Steuben County. The vehicle was occupied by two men who reported to be traveling from California back to Massachusetts, both alleged to be showing signs of impairment.

Trooper Davis noted there was a strong odor of Marijuana coming from the vehicle, as well as there being open alcohol containers.
A probable cause search of the vehicle located a large garbage bag being transported in the spare tire well. That bag contained (10) individual bags of suspected Marijuana, each weighing about one pound.

The driver and passenger were both taken into custody and transported to the Steuben County jail for further investigation and charges.

The passenger, Abdulkarim Mbarushimana, 30, Worcester, Massachusetts, was arrested and booked into custody for Dealing Marijuana, a Level 5 Felony.
After completing a battery of field sobriety tests with the driver, Eric Njoroge Mwangi, 24, Worcester, Massachusetts, he too was also placed under arrest and booked into the custody on related charges- Dealing Marijuana, a Level 5 Felony, and (3) Misdemeanor charges related to Operating While Intoxicated and Possession of Marijuana.

The events leading up to the arrest took place at approximately 1:15 AM Monday morning.

The Indiana State Police was assisted by Deputies from the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department and Bill’s Towing.