Unemployment Rates Decrease, But Experts Remain Concerned
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Northeast Indiana - Northeast Indiana's unemployment rates continue to decrease, but officials remain concerned.

New numbers for the region show September's unemployment rate at 5.2%. That's down from 5.9% in August, 7.9% in July, and 10.5% in June.

Officials with Northeast Indiana Works say a 4.0% or below is considered full employment. The region was at 3.0% in March and then tanked to 20.2% when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

In our area, Noble County has the highest unemployment rate coming in at 4.9%, while DeKalb County was next at 4.6%.

Steuben County is at 4.1%.

Lagrange has the lowest unemployment rate, coming in at 3.3%.