Angola Mayor Proud Of Communities Efforts To Help Slow Coronavirus Spread
Monday, March 30, 2020

Tensions all across the state of Indiana have continued to rise over the past two weeks as those within the Hoosier state infected with the novel COVID-19 coronavirus continues to grow, especially as the first confirmed case of the virus was discovered in Steuben County over the weekend.

For Angola Mayor, Richard Hickman he stated that he is incredibly proud of how the city has made efforts into helping stop the spread of the virus, while also applauding the efforts of the local healthcare community.

While great efforts have been made, Hickman also discussed how the next several weeks are of utmost importance.

Hickman discussed that he knows that tensions have increased since the discovery of the first case within the county over the weekend, and wants to emphasize that if residents are out doing their essential errands that they should do what they need to do, and to get home as soon as possible so as the spread of the virus is limited to as little as possible.

Hickman also reiterated how proud he was to see members of the community continuing to rally together.