IHSAA Exploring Proposal For New 4-Classification System
Friday, March 24, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - The Indiana High School Athletic Association is considering a new classification proposal that would look to close the gap between the smallest 4A schools and the largest in the state.

The Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association has delivered a four-class proposal with fixed classifications. The new proposal reduces the gap in the largest class, keeps schools in the same class for all four-class sports, and ensure schools will not move to a higher class without an increase in enrollment.

The proposal would not eliminate the IHSAA’s “success factor” program that bumps schools to a higher class based on postseason success at its current class.

The fixed four-class alignment would fill Class 4A with schools with 1,400 students or more; 3A with enrollment figures between 600 and 1,399; 2A between 325-599; and Class A schools with 324 students or less.

The new proposal would assign 68 schools to 4A and between 99 and 117 schools in the other three classes based on participation levels in each sport.