TODAY IS Monday May 21st
Friday Sports Run-down
Friday Mar 17, 2017 12:00am

All three Indiana teams pushed their way through to the second round of the Big Dance Thursday. Today we'll find out if Michigan's entries can do the same.

Notre Dame 60, Princeton 58
Butler 74, Withrop 64
Purdue 80, Vermont 70
Michigan vs Oklahoma 12:15 p-m
Michigan State vs Miami 9:20 p-m

BLOOMINGTON – As Notre Dame was tipping off its tourney game yesterday, Indiana University announced the firing of head coach Tom Crean after nine seasons. Athletic Director Fred Glass said he'll consult with basketball experts and former players in searching for a new head coach. Glass the program failed to attain the consistent high levels of success the school and fans expect.

Cleveland 91, Utah 83

Chicago 2, Ottawa 1

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