Sturgis Schools Gets Input On Second Semester Classes
Monday, October 26, 2020

STURGIS – Sturgis Public Schools is getting input on if they should offer full day classes to some of their students.

During a recent visit to the WBET Morning Show, Sturgis Superintendent Dr. Art Ebert shared that the District sent out surveys to their students, staff and parents.

Ebert says they have heard different feedback. One of the questions being asked is if there is a chance of going back to class full time for Middle School and High School students.

Ebert says one of the options they may consider is having Middle School and High School students attend classes each day instead of the schedule they currently follow.

Presently, there are some Sturgis Middle School and High School students who attend using a hybrid schedule. Half of them are in class on Orange Days and the other half on Black Days during the week.

Families who have selected at home learning for their child or children can still have them remain at home.

Ebert says the next Back To School Team meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

Information from the surveys will only be a piece of the information the School District will use before making a decision on what to offer the students.