Safety Improvements Help Federally Fund A Steuben County Bridge Rebuild
Tuesday, March 28, 2023

ORLAND, IN - Much needed safety improvements are helping Steuben County secure federal funding to rebuild a 60 plus year old bridge southeast of Orland.

Located about a mile south of State Road 120 on County Road 675 West (just east of Tamarack Lake and north of Lake Gage) the bridge is one of four from the 1960s that consists of a mostly wood structure.

The work has been classified as a safety improvement. As a result, Steuben County received a 90% grant with a 10% match from the county.

The county will receive $1.314 million for the project that will cost about $1.6 million total.

The new bridge will be a completely concrete structure.

The funding is scheduled for Fiscal Year 2028. It will be five years before the work gets underway.