Dekalb Co. Motorcycle Crash Sends One to Hospital
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A motorcycle rear ended a car on US Highway 6 in Dekalb County. T

he man driving the motorcycle was thrown from the bike, and has head injuries. Dekalb County Deputies say Tammy Dunn of Butler, Indiana was driving northeast on Highway 6. They say behind her was a pick up truck and then a motorcycle, driven by Samuel Blackburn of Edgerton, Ohio. Deputies say Dunn went to turn on County Road 79. Thats when they say the pick up went around Dunn on the right.

Then they say Blackburn passed the pickup and rear ended Dunn’s vehicle. We’re told Blackburn was tossed from the bike- and was not wearing a helmet. Deputies say Blackburn has head injuries and memory loss. Deputies say Blackburn is in stable condition