Authorities Say Runaway Juvenile Returned Home
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

CENTREVILLE – The search for a runaway juvenile came to a safe ending Monday afternoon.

St. Joseph County Sheriff Mark Lillywhite says at just after 2 PM Monday, the parents of 16 year old Natalie Welch contacted his office to let them know Natalie had returned home safe and sound.

On February 18, Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the 59,000 block of Burr Oak Road. They were told that on the night of February 15, Natalie was going to the mall in Kalamazoo, but due to the weather, she stayed at a friend's house in the Colon area.

Then on February 19 at 3:30 PM, Natalie's phone was found in a shoe box at the Meijer Store in Three Rivers. She was last seen in Sturgis on Saturday, February 20.

Lillywhite says he would like to express his gratitude to everyone who was involved in trying to locate Natalie.