Vehicle Thefts On The Rise In LaGrange County
Thursday, September 12, 2019

In a post made early in the day on Thursday, the LaGrange County Sheriff's Office is reporting that they are experiencing a large number of vehicle thefts within the county over the last several weeks and are wanting to remind citizens the property steps they can take in preventing further auto thefts.

Residents are reminded to: keep track of vehicle keys, secure vehicle at all times, and not to leave keys inside the vehicle itself.

Residents are also being reminded to always park in a well lit area, not to keep valuables in vehicles, and not to leave a car running unless the motorist has a way to secure it while it is running.

Finally, LaGrange County Sheriff's want to also remind motorists of being mindful of where they keep the garage door opener to their home as so a thief cannot access their home if their vehicle is stolen.